19 Sep 2023

Construction of New Efteling Attraction “Danse Macabre” Progresses

Construction of New Efteling Attraction “Danse Macabre” Progresses

Photo: Courtesy of Efteling

(eap) A 400,000-kilo crane was recently used to install a 6.5-meter-high and more than 45,000-kilo mast as the first part of the ride system for the Danse Macabre attraction opening in 2024 at the Dutch Efteling theme park. Danse Macabre will be a unique motion-based ride, supplied by Intamin. Visitors will sit on one of six “choir stall benches” mounted on six small turntables, which are mounted on a large 18-meter diameter turntable. This raises, tilts and lowers – and spins like a coin on its edge before falling over. The attraction will be part of a new scary-themed area at Efteling, including a restaurant, store and matching entertainment. A self-service gastronomy called “In den Swarte Kat” has already opened in July this year.

Construction work on the new Efteling Grand Hotel, which is also scheduled to open next year, is unfortunately not going quite as according to plan. After several Dutch media reported last week on delays resulting from the payment difficulties of a supplier (Byldis) involved in the construction of the hotel, the park is currently in talks to find a solution for the rapid continuation of the work. “Of course, this is an unpleasant situation, but our goal is still to keep the existing schedule for the construction of the Efteling Grand Hotel. In the current situation, no delays are apparent, but we do not yet know what the impact will be on the continuation of the planning,” the park officials stated. ■

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