09 Dec 2023

Dream Labs Adventures – a Unique Escape Room Experience Opens

Dream Labs Adventures – a Unique Escape Room Experience Opens

Photo: Courtesy of The Room Labs

(eap) Dream Labs Adventures, a unique immersive adventure, opens today in Bad Steben, Franconia. The Room Labs team around Chris Lattner (responsible for design and construction), together with operators and escape room enthusiasts Ilona and Thomas Rauh, have dedicated themselves to developing particularly immersive puzzle games. To this end, a former fashion store was completely converted, and a comprehensive backstory developed: According to it, dream manipulation is the latest trend in the entertainment industry, whereby customers can personalize their dreams by selecting certain keywords. This method was developed by a US company for which Ilona and Thomas Rauh, who are named in the story, worked as scientists for over seven years. Now the couple have set up their own business and founded Dream Labs, the first and only dream manipulation facility in Germany – according to the story. The blurring of reality and fiction is what makes this novel experience so special.

Dream Labs Adventures will offer a total of three escape room-like adventures (each covering around 120 square meters) on a total area of 500 square meters, with a special focus on theming and an immersive storyline. The extremely high quality of the theming, many special effects, a unique game entry and exit, a dynamic audio system and a soundtrack specially composed by Audiogazer make this new experience so extraordinary according to developer Chris Lattner.

The first experience, which is available now, is called “The Legend of the Heartless Pirate”. This is a fun pirate adventure in the style of the computer game series “Monkey Island” paired with influences from “Pirates of the Caribbean” with many unexpected twists and turns. Two further experiences – on the themes of cyberpunk and horror – are set to follow in the first quarter of 2024. The construction and development costs per game amount to some 250,000 euros. ■

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