17 Nov 2020

Dutch Start-up Company Develops Virtual Snorkeling Experience for Pools

The Dutch start-up company Virtual Reality Slide & VR Watergames, recently founded by industry insider Joeri Dusch, has launched a virtual snorkeling experience product in cooperation with iSlide, the Netherlands-based specialist for multimedia effects for water slides (read also our trend report “Add Ons for Water Slides” in EAP 6/2018). Bath guests who wish to try out the virtual experience get equipped with a VR headset (consisting of a smartphone inside a waterproof protective cover) and a snorkel. A belt is attached to the bather, which itself is connected to a weight on the bottom of the pool, which in turn holds the “diver” in place during his or her experience. 

While other providers such as Wiegand Waterrides & Ballast or VR Coaster have been offering technically more complex virtual underwater experiences for some time now, which should appeal in particular to larger adventure pools and water parks, the solution from the two Dutch companies is a low-cost option for smaller bath operations to offer their guests VR under water experiences. For more information on the latest product news and technological developments, please refer to our special “EAP Fair 2020 Market Place” section in issues 5 & 6/2020. (eap)

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