15 May 2023

EWA Launches Poster Campaign for Diversity and Tolerance

(eap) With a recently started poster campaign, the leisure pools and spas of the European Waterpark Association (EWA) want to call attention for diversity and tolerance at the start of the summer pool season. “Every year, millions of people visit our pools. Each and every person is unique. This is not different with our employees, who also come from different cultural backgrounds, love in their own way, and have different religions and world views,” says EWA President and Upper Austria’s Regional Councillor of Economy, Markus Achleitner. In his state, public pools have already been promoting more tolerance and mutual understanding since last year with the campaign “NO GO – Don’t Look away”.


Now the EWA member pools and spas are setting an example against hate and harassment under the motto of “We stand up for tolerance and against discrimination”. The designed posters deal with the topics of diversity, age discrimination as well as inclusion. Achleitner sees leisure pools and spas as having an important social responsibility: “When so many people work together or enjoy their free time, this does not always happen without conflict. It is therefore important that we work together to ensure that no one is disadvantaged, feels badly treated or is even threatened. Here, zero tolerance against any form of discrimination or even threats also applies in leisure pools and spas.” ■

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