27 Jun 2023

Emerald Park Invests €22 Million in New Celtic Themed Area

Emerald Park Invests €22 Million in New Celtic Themed Area

Artist impression by Jora Vision

(eap) The two new Vekoma roller coasters at Ireland’s Emerald Park announced for 2024 will be located in a completely new themed area called “Tír na nÓg – Land of Eternal Youth”. A total of 22 million euros will be invested in the Celtic themed area, which, in addition to the Suspended Thrill Coaster and the Family Boomerang, will receive a Wave Swinger from Zierer as its third attraction. In addition, there will be new food outlets, retail spaces and an entrance, which is intended to get park visitors in the mood for the upcoming Irish mythology and fantasy adventure as soon as they enter the new area. The custom design for the new area comes from the Dutch company Jora Vision.

“I am delighted to announce that the new land expansion at Emerald Park will be called ‘Tír na nÓg’, named after the enchanted otherworld of myth and legend! We are hoping to open the area and the two rollercoasters to the public in Spring 2024. This will mark the first fully themed and immersive land at the park and is sure to excite both thrill seekers and family alike”.

While planning for the new attractions has been underway since 2017, construction began in August 2022. The expansion project, which was largely driven by park founder Ray Coyle († 2022) and will cover an area of approximately 2.6 hectares (6.5 acres), is hoped to draw new visitors to the park in the future. ■

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