07 Dec 2023

Employee Development at Europa-Park: Re-Opening of the MACK Academy

Employee Development at Europa-Park: Re-Opening of the MACK Academy

Photo: Courtesy of Europa-Park

(eap) Preparing for the next season, the Europa-Park Resort in Rust, Germany recently celebrated the reopening of the MACK Academy – formerly Europa-Park Academy. In new premises, centrally located at the Bell Rock Hotel, training courses, specialist training and further are now being offered for employees. Both skills development courses in language, cashier and gastronomy training as well as soft skills training with a focus e.g. on resilience and problem solving are offered to support employees in their professional and personal development. The “Train the Trainer” program is also part of the opportunities, in which long-standing employees conduct training courses themselves and pass on their in-depth specialist knowledge.

“The enlarged and needs-oriented MACK Academy makes it possible to bundle all training courses in one place in future. At the same time, we are sharpening the Academy’s profile and positioning ourselves for the future. We are very proud of this further development,” says Frederik Mack, Director of HR & Organization at Europa-Park. His deputy, Jan-Luca Bachmann, adds: “We see the MACK Academy as a place where our employees feel comfortable, can develop individually and realize their full potential.” ■

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