02 Dec 2019

Germany/USA: SPREE Interactive and Pixomondo Launched New “Mission to Mars“ VR Experience

The VR attraction specialists of SPREE Interactive (formerly Holodeck VR), headquartered in Nuremberg/Germany, and the special effect experts from Los Angeles-based Pixomondo, joined forces to create the new VR gaming experience “Mission to Mars“. The game visualises a virtual world in which humans try to settle on Mars. The multiplayer system can accomodate up to 20 players at a time. Guests are devided in small groups to explore their new habit on the red planet, overcome dangerous situations and solve missions, always in close cooperation with the other team members.

Pixomondo was involved in the concept design of the game, the visual design, the software development and the production of all content. “By partnering with Pixomondo, we are able to bring the high-level grafic quality of the best Hollywood films and combine it with the game design talent in the SPREE studio,“ explains Risa Cohen, Executive Producer at SPREE. (eap)

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