08 Aug 2007

Majorca: “House of Katmandu” Goes Crazy

As though it had fallen from the sky, Majorca’s wackiest house stands upside down in the centre of Magaluf. The Tibetan style “House of Katmandu” invites visitors to participate in interactive adventures. Here they can listen to stories about the fictional researcher Kilgore Goode and his search for the jewel of the Himalayas. Over 300,000 visitors are expected in the first year. State-of-the-art light and sound technology, sophisticated illusions and numerous artworks and figures inspired by fantastical myths and legends will create a journey of adventure sure to attract a good crowd of visitors to Majorca. The latest attraction of the operators Producciones de Parques S.L. cost over 20 million euros. (eap)


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