22 Nov 2023

Mandoria Announces New Themed Area and Coaster for 2025

Mandoria Announces New Themed Area and Coaster for 2025

(eap) The Mandoria indoor theme park in Rzgów near Łódź, Poland, has announced a new themed area including a new roller coaster for 2025. The coaster, which will be called “Aquila”, is going to be a family-launched coaster from Vekoma with a 445-metre-long track embedded in an almost 25-metre-high tower. Shortly after leaving the station, the coaster train, which has space for up to 20 passengers, will accelerate to 70 km/h before going through rapid twists and surprising turns.

“From the very beginning of the creation of the Mandoria theme park, we wanted it to be described by three adjectives: themed, family and year-round,” explains Daniel Zieliński, Mandoria Park Manager. “In embarking on the work on the new park zone, we are staying true to this objective. Mandoria will still look like a 16th-century trading town and the attractions there will enable whole families to have fun together. Thanks to the construction of the massive tower, our fourth rollercoaster will travel its entire route indoors, which means that it will be available to visitors all year round, regardless of the season or the weather. For the first time in Poland, children from 95 cm tall will be able to experience a ride previously reserved for teenagers and adults. All this while maintaining the highest safety standards,” concludes Zieliński.

Read our article on the opening of Mandoria in EAP 5/2021. ■

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