15 Jul 2022

Poland: Mandoria Expands with New “Arcades” Theme Land and Rollercoaster – Now Open

Poland: Mandoria Expands with New “Arcades” Theme Land and Rollercoaster – Now Open

The Mandoria indoor theme park in Łódź, Poland, which opened only a year ago and is therefore still very young, has already added a new themed land this week: “Arcades”, which covers an area of 10,000 square meters and features a total of five new attractions. The new zone’s highlight is a roller coaster, dubbed “Carrara”, a 300-meter long Powered Coaster from the German manufacturer Mack Rides, which – according to the park – is the longest one of its kind in Poland. The ride is characterized by numerous curves and unexpected acceleration. The maximum speed reached is 10 m/s. While the roller coaster is accessible to guests with a minimum height of one meter (and up to 1.30 meters accompanied by an adult), new fun awaits the youngest visitors in the form of the “The Sly Otter” Kiddie Flume ride and the “Karotka” Jump Around carousel (both attractions from Zamperla). There is also the “Dario Valley” playground designed for toddlers and a large wooden play structure called “Old Fort” for older children. The new themed area is completed by two F&B facilities.

As the next step in the further development of the Renaissance-style, year-round open indoor theme park, construction works are scheduled to still begin this year on an outdoor area, where a roller coaster will also become the anchor attraction. At the time of its opening last year, Mandoria covered an area of 15,000 square meters. The land on which the destination is located is about 50 hectares, so there is still plenty of potential for future expansion. “A place like Mandoria was missing in central Poland. It is evidenced not only by the accounts of our guests, but also by the data. Within a year, the park became one of the most distinctive and original attractions in the region, and the number of visitors exceeded our expectations. The opening of the new zone is the next stage of the park’s development, and the works on the future ones are already underway,” comments Park Manager Daniel Zieliński. (eap)

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