15 Nov 2023

New Electrical Cargo Bike with Optimized Features

New Electrical Cargo Bike with Optimized Features

(eap) The electric-cargo-bike company Antric is presenting “Antric EVO_1”, a newly designed electric cargo bike which, thanks to its compact dimensions, is intended to offer improved driving and operating comfort compared to its predecessor model “Antric One”.

Leisure facilities such as theme parks, resorts and zoos can also benefit from the use of electric cargo bikes. For example, the Antric EVO_1 model from the Germany-based supplier can move a load volume of 2.2 m³, with a payload of 291 kg. The internal dimensions of the body also allow the transport of a Euro pallet or two standard grid roll cars. The model has two slots for exchangeable batteries with 1.44 kWh each for a range of 50 km. The driver’s cab is clad in weatherproof and waterproof softshell, so that the electric cargo bike can also be used comfortably in rainy weather. The supplier of the model states a product service life of at least 3,000 charging cycles. ■

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