09 Feb 2023

Opening of the Racing Slide “Vikingløp” in the Water World Rulantica

Since yesterday, young and old alike have been able to race down the new slide „Vikingløp“ at the Rulantica water world in southern Germany. “Miss Germany” chief judge Bruce Darnell and this year’s candidates ceremoniously opened the new slide yesterday. In the new “Nordiskturn” area, guests can now slide around a total of 1,500 meters on a mat, head first. A total of eight slide enthusiasts can race each other down the tubes at the same time, where they can again and again make eye contact with their competitors. The racing slide is a “RallyRACER” model from Canadian slide manufacturer ProSlide. In addition to the slide novelty, the 30-meter-high tower features 400 lounging options and two gastronomic facilities on 7,700 square meters.

“We are very proud that with ‘Nordiskturn’ and ‘Vikingløp’ we have now been able to open the third slide tower and the largest and most elaborate extension to date in the indoor area of the Rulantica Water World, thus expanding our year-round offer in an extremely attractive way,” says Roland Mack, owner of Europa Park. Read more about the new slide attraction in our detailed article in the current EAP issue 1/23. (eap)

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