29 Feb 2024

Rigi Rutsch‘n Peißenberg Gets New Attractions

Rigi Rutsch‘n Peißenberg Gets New Attractions

(eap) This summer, the Rigi Rutsch’n outdoor pool in the Bavarian town of Peißenberg (Germany) will be featuring a new slide, a new diving platform and an aqua climbing wall. The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction work took place in October last year and construction is progressing according to plan. The new slide will replace the baths over 40-year-old slide, which was long a landmark of the pool and was dismantled in 2021.

© Image: Gemeindewerke Peißenberg KU

In its place, visitors can look forward to a new stainless-steel half-shell slide with a length of almost 60 meters, which will be equipped with a sensor-controlled light system and time measurement. The slide is being built by the Swiss company Klarer Freizeitanlagen. The new diving tower comes with a 1-meter springboard, two 3-meter towers (springboard & platform) and a 5-meter platform.

The installation of a Waterclimbing© wall is a first for the pool. On this wall, bathers can climb to a height of up to seven meters on four colour-coded climbing routes – from easy to difficult – to press a buzzer horn above the last climbing hold and then either jump into the water or climb their way back down. Many bathers are already looking forward to the new aqua climbing wall: “The response has been great. Many are keen to try it out,” reports pool park manager Karin Hosse.

The Rigi Rutsch’n outdoor pool is part of the Gesundheits- und Bäderparks Peißenberg (Peißenberg health and pool park), which includes a sauna area, an indoor pool and a therapy center in addition to the outdoor pool. The facility is operated by Gemeindewerke Peißenberg. ■

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