13 Jan 2022

Switzerland: Zurich Zoo – New “Ornis“ Species Conservation Center Completed

One of the most important topics which Zurich Zoo is dedicated to is species conservation. To further expand this area and create the infrastructure for conservation breeding of endangered species, the new “Ornis” Species Conservation Center has now been completed. However, the complex, which consists of three Ornis facilities, each of which can produce different climatic conditions, will not be accessible to visitors. The animals raised within the Ornis are planned to be released into the wild where possible. At this time, there are already three species of birds in the new conservation center: the Channel-billed toucan, Montserrat oriole and Red siskin.

The new Ornis is one of the first completed milestones within Zurich Zoo’s Development Plan 2050. Learn much more about the zoo’s comprehensive future development plans in our current EAP issue. (eap)

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