07 Mar 2023

Tibidabo Introduces Virtual Reality and Renovates Attractions this Season

Tibidabo Introduces Virtual Reality and Renovates Attractions this Season

Ab April wird die Achterbahn im Freizeitpark Tibidabo auch ein virtuelles Fahrerlebnis bieten...

The Catalan amusement park Tibidabo, located on the summit of the eponymous mountain in Barcelona and thus offering visitors a panoramic view of the metropolis in addition to numerous family-friendly and nostalgic attractions, started its season this past Saturday with several innovations announced for the course of the year. From April on, a virtual reality experience will be optionally available to passengers for the first time on the park’s roller coaster which opened in 2008. Equipped with appropriate headsets, passengers on the ride will be able to take a virtual journey from outer space to the bottom of the sea alongside beloved Tibidabo characters. The VR film is produced by the park itself. Also, in the 1920s building “Edifici Cel”, which has been housing a cinema for short films since an extensive renovation in 2008, a VR application will be available from summer this year that will let the guests themselves become the protagonists – various options for action will be available in the virtual world...

Andere Attraktionen erhalten ein frisches Design und werden modernisiert... In addition, renovation work is planned on other attractions such as the “El Diavolo” swing ride and the nostalgic carousel. The amusement park aims to welcome more than 665,000 visitors in the 2023 season – about 40,000 guests more than last year. Find out how other European amusement parks closed the past season and what novelties await visitors this year in the Park Report published in our latest EAP magazine issue. (eap)

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