07 Jun 2022

UK/Germany: Innovative Gaming Concept “Electric Gamebox” Comes to Hamburg

 UK/Germany: Innovative Gaming Concept “Electric Gamebox” Comes to Hamburg

Gaming as a “real” social group event instead of lonely gaming in front of the console: The UK leisure attraction Electric Gamebox combines modern immersive gaming technology with active physical movement and shared experiences in a group in several available game rooms. Founded in London in 2019 by Will Dean and David Spindler (the creators of “Tough Mudder” and “Tough Mudder Bootcamp”), the novel group gaming concept has seen rapid growth: today there are already four locations in the UK, with three more currently under construction. In the USA, there are eight locations and 30 more are in development.

Now the gaming leisure attraction is also coming to Germany: this summer, the first location will be opened in Hamburg, which will enable groups of two to six people to master various virtual games together as a team in their private Electric Gamebox, which is equipped with modern touch screen and mapping technology as well as surround sound. Whether as aspiring agents, rescuers of the Royal Family, or masters of classic casino and arcade games – the game title range is broad. No VR glasses, joysticks, cables or TVs are needed to play – guests simply put on a helmet equipped with sensor dots, and the actions in the game are influenced solely by the players’ physical movements.

The master franchisees for the German market are the Hamburg entrepreneurs Peter Romanus, Nastassja Köhler and Martin Dencker, who aim at developing a total of 30 Electric Gamebox locations in Germany over the next five years. In addition to Hamburg, locations in Berlin and Cologne are already planned. Romanus explains: “The concept of Electric Gamebox quickly convinced us – it turns the ever-growing trend of gaming into a social experience and at the same time serves the need for spending time together with friends and family. We are very pleased to now be able to take off in Germany with this great leisure attraction.” (eap)

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