14 Dec 2022

USA: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Announces World’s First P'Sghetti Bowl Family Racing Coaster for 2023

Jeffrey Siebert, general manager of Six Flags Fiesta Texas, recently announced that a new roller coaster is scheduled to open at the San Antonio theme park in the summer of 2023. Specifically, it will be the world’s first P’Sghetti Bowl Coaster from manufacturer Skyline Attractions, which was the eye-catcher at the manufacturer’s booth at IAAPA Expo 2021. The special feature of this coaster model is the single rail construction and the fact that the track is made of folded metal sheets and rivets. The elimination of welds should reduce costs and allow for less complicated maintenance.

When first installed at the Six Flags park in Texas, the ride will be a family racing roller coaster with two intersecting tracks running underneath or on top of each other. Thus, twisted like spaghetti in a bowl – hence the naming of the coaster model. Depending on the capacity utilization, the operators of the roller coaster can decide whether to let both trains run a race or to put only one track into operation. The tracks, which have a total length of 1,124 feet (342.7 meters) and a maximum height of 24 feet (seven meters), will also feature the supplier’s “Aurora” LED lighting package, first introduced at IAAPA Expo 2022 (we’ll report in our upcoming EAP issue 1/23). For Six Flags Fiesta Texas, it will be the 12th/13th roller coaster to be featured at the park. The name and theming of the attraction, which will be located at the “Spassburg” area of the park, are expected to be announced next year.

In addition to the new roller coaster, Six Flags also announced a new children’s area for its water park with seven new slides. The “KIDZ TornadoWAVE” and the “KIDZ Tornado 12” as well as the other slides are kid-friendly, smaller versions of ProSlide classics. (eap)

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