15 Mar 2023

Zurich Zoo Announces Construction of New Big Cats Facility

Zurich Zoo has announced the construction of a new big cat facility as part of its “Development Plan 2050”. “Panterra” will be its name, which is composed of “Panthera” (genus name of the actual big cats) and the Latin word “Terra” for earth. The construction of the facility will begin in July this year and is expected to be completed by April 2025. The new enclosure is to consist of four parts (different habitats), which can be used by the animals in rotation. This is intended to provide more variety not only for the animals but also for visitors. In addition, large windows will give guests the feeling of being part of Panterra. The area of the previous wolf enclosure will also be used for the construction of the new facility – in the future, Zurich Zoo will stop keeping wolfs.

In addition to the new big cat enclosure, guests to Zurich Zoo look forward to a new walk-in insect house in the future, which is to be built in the current lion house. Here, visitors will be able to view insect species such as the stick insect up close. The exhibit is intended to raise zoo visitors’ awareness of insect extinction.

Read all about Zurich Zoo’s Development Plan 2050 in our article in EAP issue 1/2022! (eap)

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