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15 Oct 2021Italy/Turkey: Gardaland Signs Further Contracts for Next Year’s “Jumanji” Ride Novelty

For the new dark ride attraction recently announced by Italy’s Gardaland in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, which will be called “Jumanji – The Adventure” and will be the world’s first ride with a complete Jumanji theme (c.f. EAP News of 30 Sept 2021), the theme park has now signed further contracts for its realization ...

15 Oct 2021Belgium: Landal Mooi Zutendaal to Add New Water Play Structure

Landal Mooi Zutendaal vacation park, located in East Belgium near the Hoge Kempen national park, will present its youngest guests with a new water play structure as of spring 2022. The park’s indoor pool area is currently closed due to refurbishment and is planned to reopen to guests for bathing fun on 1 May. As...

15 Oct 2021Germany: YULLBE GO Pop-up Store at Skyline Plaza Frankfurt Now Open

Frankfurt’s Skyline Plaza retail centre now features a new entertainment offering: A YULLBE GO pop-up store for individual VR experiences. The LBE attraction is based on the free-roaming VR experience concept for single users developed by MackNeXT, as it can also be tried out at Europa-Park Resort, alongside the YULLBE PRO experience for groups ...
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