12 Apr 2024

“Fjord Explorer” Water Coaster Opens Tomorrow at Le PAL

 “Fjord Explorer” Water Coaster Opens Tomorrow at Le PAL

Photo: Courtesy of BoldMove Nation

(eap) A new major attraction opens tomorrow at the French animal and amusement park Le PAL: the “Fjord Explorer” water coaster from German roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides. Located in the new Scandinavian village, visitors can look forward to a splashing ride at partly high speeds as well a to a detailed theming, immersing into the Nordic fjords.

Photo: Courtesy of BoldMove Nation Visitors are taken on a journey with the captain, who has spent his life exploring the Nordic fjords and who is now organizing boat tours. The tour starts in the captain’s workrooms, where visitors gain an insight into his life through numerous objects. Further on in the waiting area, participants discover a ship undergoing repairs. Shortly before they board a boat themselves, they pass the control room, where the captain is monitoring the technical settings to ensure a safe journey. There are no text signs or screens in the rooms that explicitly explain the storyline, preventing any language barriers.

The design and concept as well as the AV and media content for the waiting area were developed by the Belgian company BoldMove Nation. Also, there is some media content integrated in the new water ride featuring some surprising Easter eggs related to another park attraction… The concepts in the waiting area as well as objects in the outdoor area were implemented by Eye-Opener Decors. Read all about Fjord Explorer in your upcoming May/June edition of EAP Trade Magazine. ■

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