09 Feb 2023

Cedar Fair Releases Details on Planned Esports Center in Ohio

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, the operator of numerous regional amusement and water parks, has announced some first details for the development of a planned Esports facility at the Cedar Point Sports Center in Sandusky, Ohio. The initial phase of development will include more than 1,000 square-feet (over 90,000 square-meters) of gaming area. The facility will house 32 gaming set-ups that can be connected for larger events. The gaming area will feature professional gaming equipment from Top-tier. In addition, the area will also be available for the production of broadcasts and livestreams. The center is scheduled to open in May 2023, after which the integration of catering services and a larger gaming area is planned in a second phase.

“Cedar Fair’s long-term strategy is focused on delivering immersive entertainment experiences that differentiate our parks and create an environment where guests want to come back again and again,” states Richard A. Zimmermann, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. “The opening of the Cedar Point Sports Center in 2017 was consistent with this strategy and has proved to be a huge draw for amateur sports teams and other large groups. Given the booming popularity of competitive gaming, we believe there is an opportunity to tap into its rapid worldwide growth, while providing a natural tie-in to all that Cedar Point has to offer.” Cedar Fair is partnering with North Coast Entertainment (NCE) for the new esports center, which can also be used by local e-sports teams. (eap)

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