19 May 2023

Cedar Point Presents New Boardwalk Theme Area in Its 154th Season

Cedar Point Presents New Boardwalk Theme Area in Its 154th Season

(eap) On 6 May, Sandusky, Ohio-based Cedar Point kicked off its 154th season. The focus of this year’s season is the park’s all-new midway area “The Boardwalk”, which thematically references the park’s Lake Erie beginnings and tradition to present a modern interpretation of the park experience of yesteryear. With the “Wild Mouse” attraction, the area features a new spinning coaster from Zamperla (model: Twister Freeform), which is also a nod to earlier times when the Wild Mouse roller coaster type was popular. The roller coaster is almost 16 meters high and about 400 meters long. With a speed of up to 56km/h, the spinning cars (each with four passengers) whiz through the track. While six of the seven cars are designed like a mouse, one is designed in the shape of a piece of cheese. Not only the design of this car, but also its conception is special, because this is also a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Two other family rides that have been relocated within the park are also part of the offer of the new Boardwalk: “Atomic Scrambler” and “Matterhorn”. At the new “Cedar Point Grand Pavilion”, guests can enjoy a two-story dining and relaxation offer with a restaurant and bar.

“The addition of Wild Mouse perfectly balances the setting and attractions of The Boardwalk – our new lakeside midway area,” said Carrie Boldman, Vice President and General Manager of Cedar Point. “Being a part of family tradition is extremely important to all of us at Cedar Point. Wild Mouse allows young kids and adults to enjoy a ‘first’ roller coaster thrill together, and the spinning action of each car just makes it fun!”

“The Twister Freeform is an updated version of our classic Twister Coaster. When we spoke with Cedar Point they asked us to provide an experience that gave a nod to the past, but offered a modern ride experience. We believe it is a great example of the next generation of Zamperla coasters,” said President and CEO Antonio Zamperla. ■

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