15 Apr 2019

Denmark: Fårup Sommerland Announces New Coaster for 2020

Yesterday, Denmark’s Fårup Sommerland announced to add a new family coaster to its park portfolio in 2020, with its opening scheduled for the start of next year’s season. Construction works for “Saven” (Engl.: “The Saw”) – a Family Boomerang from Dutch manufacturer Vekoma – will begin in autumn. On the new coaster, up to 20 riders (sitting in one train with a total of ten coaches) will rush along the 238 meter long track in both forward and backward direction, experiencing g-forces of up to 2.8 g. Also, with a height of 24 meters, “Saven” will be the park’s highest attraction when it opens next year.

“Last year we were allowed to build higher attractions and now we are beginning to shape the park after the new opportunities and in the coming years we want to develop the park with exciting rides and Saven is a first major step. Saven will be 24 meters high and is the highest coaster in the park so far,” explains Per Dam, CEO of Fårup Sommerland, stepping back from his position at the end of this month (cf. EAP News f. April 5th, 2019). He adds, “It has been very important for us to find a roller coaster that appeals to a wide range of our guests, and at the same time we would like to create a completely new type of experience. We are therefore incredibly happy to present Saven. It is uniquely designed for Fårup, and with a height restriction of only 95 cm almost all of our guests will be able to try it […].” (eap)

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