16 Mar 2023

Freizeitpark Irrland Expands Railway Station Playground & Relies on New Water Treatment System

Freizeitpark Irrland Expands Railway Station Playground & Relies on New Water Treatment System

Seitenansicht der Erweiterung des bespielbaren Bahnhofs im Irrland.

Germany’s Freizeitpark Irrland in Kevelaer, North Rhine-Westphalia, near the Dutch border, started into this year’s season yesterday – visitors can look forward to several novelties in the course of the next months, such as an extension of the “railway station” playground in the form of new climbing and hiding facilities, which will again be realised in cooperation with the German playground equipment manufacturer Kinderland (cf. Park Report, EAP issue 2/2023). In addition, there are plans to add a new giant water slide to the park offer.

One focus of the work at the park during the past winter break was the realisation of comprehensive infrastructure projects. An integral element of these was the development of a completely new covered water system to significantly relieve the local water table. Starting this season, all water – whether from the water slides or the water pools – will be filtered and purified by a modern treatment system and stored in a large retention basin with a capacity of ten million litres. This avoids the need to draw additional water from the local groundwater, as the park communicates. In addition, the installation of photovoltaic systems on a large scale was pushed ahead to enable a sustainable power supply for the park. On sunny days, the entire electricity demand of the leisure facility is to be covered by its own energy generation in the future.

Investments in photovoltaic systems to enable self-sufficient power supplies in the long term are among the most common measures that leisure entrepreneurs are currently taking in terms of sustainable energy management. Learn more about strategic development goals of European leisure facilities in the EAP Park Report 2023, featured in our latest magazine issue. (eap)

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