31 Jan 2022

Germany: SPREE Interactive and Eurogames Enter Partnership to Roll-out “VR Space Bumper Cars“ Product

SPREE Interactive, the Nuremberg-based developer of multi-player VR experiences, and Italian company Eurogames, who specializes in the production of battery-powered bumper cars, now announced their partnership to offer the new experience “VR Space Bumper Cars“, a new edition of SPREE’s VR bumper car attraction for which the company is a licensee of VR Coaster.

“It is evident the vast curiosity of the virtual space is continuing to grow rapidly and after experiencing a popular demand with the Floor Pick-Up VR Bumper Cars we wanted to offer a similar worldwide solution for smaller FECs that sees physical objects of the real world accompanying players into the virtual world – in this case a hover vehicle,” says Paul Collimore, Commercial Director of SPREE Interactive.

“Eurogames Battery Operated Bumper Cars can be enjoyed by anyone. They are powered with two maintenance-free 12V batteries and equipped with 330W direct drive double motors. They are controlled by two easy-to-use joysticks allowing a thrilling 360° driving experience and can be operated on any smooth and flat surface such as concrete, asphalt, wood, and so on,” comments Nicolas De Carlo, Sales Manager of Eurogames. The new experience is suitable e.g. for small FEC’s thanks to a small footprint of 7.5 by 7.5 meters. (eap)

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