02 Apr 2024

Modernization of Weingarten Indoor Pool

Modernization of Weingarten Indoor Pool

Photo: Courtesy of WaterVision

(eap) The Hallenbad Weingarten indoor pool in Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany is undergoing an extensive modernization. The public pool recently carried out initial renovation work on the starting blocks, water inlets and outlets, tiles, seals, seating and heated benches as well as the pool heads in the swimmer and non-swimmer pools. In addition, new underwater lighting systems from WaterVision were installed, which correspond to today’s standards both aesthetically and in terms of energy efficiency. Further modernization work will then follow over the course of the coming year and is expected to be completed in 2027. The renovation of the indoor pool is being funded by the federal government with over 5 million euros, which is 75 percent of the planned investment costs of just over 7 million euros.

“I am overjoyed at this good news from Berlin and very pleased that we were able to convince them with our coherent concept. I would like to thank everyone involved for their great commitment. From the staff at the indoor pool and the administration to the members of parliament from our constituency: it was an exemplary collaboration in which one cog in the wheel fitted into the other,” said Mayor Clemens Moll, delighted with the funding.

In future, a planned cooperation with the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg will turn two indoor swimming pools into one. The state wants to give up the ageing indoor pool at the University of Education Weingarten and rent the municipal indoor pool. This will result in synergies in the areas of CO2 savings, resource protection, utilization (higher capacity utilization, efficiency) and finances (less use of taxpayers’ money by the state and city). The focus of the refurbishment work will be on several energy-related measures. In particular, the ventilation façade and glass façade will be renewed, a PV system installed, the building envelope insulated, a local heating connection installed, and the building management and pool water technology adapted. ■

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