13 Feb 2024

New Zierer Flat Ride for Drift Fun

New Zierer Flat Ride for Drift Fun

Image: Courtesy of Zierer

(eap) The German roller coaster and amusement ride manufacturer Zierer has a new family flat ride with an interactive drifting function in its portfolio, which is designed to provide a large portion of ride fun. “Drifter” – as the new product is called – is a round ride with nine two-person gondolas arranged around a central customized decoration on a paved or concrete surface. Each of the gondolas is equipped with a control lever. As long as this lever remains in its starting position, the wheels of the gondolas are fixed and follow the actual main lane during operation. As soon as the lever is operated by the guests on the ride, the wheels can move freely and a drift effect occurs. A maximum speed of 21.6 km/h is reached, while the gondolas rotate around the central axis at a maximum speed of eight revolutions per minute. During the ride, guests are secured by individual restraints with hydraulic storage cylinders.

The concept of the drifter is reminiscent of the popular Zierer “Jet Skis” ride, but with special technical features and without water. A ground space with a diameter of at least 19 meters (including clearance gauge) is required for its installation; the diameter of the actual ride is 10.8 meters. A total of six electric motors (controlled by a frequency converter) are used as drive system. With a ride time of 80 seconds and a loading and unloading time of 40 seconds, the theoretical hourly capacity of the new ride is 540 persons. Passengers aged four years and over and a body height of at least one meter are allowed to ride – those under eight years and up to a height of 1.30 meters must be accompanied. ■

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