23 Sep 2022

Red Raion and Leisure Expert Group Bring “Time Travel Restaurant” to AIDA Ships

Red Raion and Leisure Expert Group Bring “Time Travel Restaurant” to AIDA Ships

photo courtesy of Leisure Expert Group

The Sicilian Acireale (Catania)-based CGI studio Red Raion and the Dutch Leisure Expert Group, which specializes in design services for spaces and themed environments in the leisure, festival and event industry, have jointly developed the “2125 – An Adventurous Journey Through Time And Space” dining concept: a time travel restaurant for the AIDA cruise ship fleet of the US shipping company Carnival Cruise Line, which has already been implemented on the ocean liners “AIDAnova” and “AIDAcosma”. In the new “Time Machine Restaurant” on both ships, passengers now have the opportunity to enjoy an entertaining dinner in front of an elaborate backdrop with media technology (CGI content) and live actors. During their three-course meal, guests travel through different epochs and to different places according to the storyline.  

“We’re particularly proud of the outcome of this collaboration. Our work for ‘2125 – An Adventurous Journey Through Time And Space’ focused on the creation of CGI content to create a ‘time travel experience’ that could come to life during dinner on the ship. The entire stage representation was designed by Leisure Expert Group, with actors engaged in a live-performance, with which we had to synchronise to create the whole experience, following a specific timing that could not be changed. […] We could not be happier about the final result,” comments Valeria Rizzo, Business Development Director at Red Raion.

Marjolein van de Stolpe, CEO of Leisure Expert Group, adds, “We’ve been collaborating with Red Raion concerning the custom made video content for this large and complex project. We’ve experienced Red Raion to be a pleasant and reliable partner in our team. […] It’s been a very ambitious project and we’re very satisfied with how this attraction turned out.”

The further development of classic restaurants into gastronomic offerings with an experience and entertainment character shows a current trend – read also our topic special on experience gastronomy in the latest EAP magazine issue (Sept./Oct. 2022) here. (eap)

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