06 Jun 2024

Spinfinity Coaster: A Combination of Dark Ride & Rollercoaster

(eap) The two companies BoldMove Nation and E&S Rides, who recently announced their collaborative partnership (c.f. EAP News of 9 May 2024), introduced their first jointly developed product. The new development called “Spinfinity Coaster” combines the attraction types multimedia dark ride and rollercoaster. Compared to existing dark ride coasters, the Spinfinity Coaster has vehicles in which the guests sit facing inwards (as in a Rapids Ride, for example) so that they can perceive the emotions of their fellow passengers better than is possible in seats arranged one behind the other.

In the middle of each vehicle is an object, the shape of which is reminiscent of a diamond. A projector mounted under the ceiling of the building projects the media content associated with the respective underlying storyline onto the object, which bundles the light beams and creates a kind of hologram. Another special feature of the Spinfinity Coaster is that half of the short track (160 meters long) runs inside a building and the other half outside. This division allows passing park visitors to catch a glimpse of the experience and ideally encourages them to take a ride themselves.

The Spinfinity Coaster passes individual sections of the track several times – including a friction wheel lift and a friction wheel launch element, twists, spins and turns. The course of the vehicles can be individually programmed so that repeat riders can be offered different experiences. The two companies have presented a “Wild West” concept for theming and storytelling around the Spinfinity Coaster. Also, there are already designs for the themes “Steampunk” and “Pirates”. In general, individual theming according to customer requirements is also possible.

With a compact footprint and the option of converting an existing building for the attraction as well as using various materials (which are reflected in the price accordingly), BoldMove Nation and E&S Rides are especially addressing regional parks that would like to expand their experience portfolio with a new type of media-based attraction. ■

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