04 Jul 2012

Switzerland: Bernaqua Water Park Open Again

Switzerland’s Bernaqua Water Park at the Westside Leisure and Shopping Center near Bern had to be closed temporarily due to an unfortunate incident in April of last year: parts of the building’s roof collapsed what led to an immediate closing of the waterpark. It was reopened after more than one year at the end of May, when the mending was done and the inspection of the newly constructed roof covering was finished. According to Anton Gäumann, CEO of Neue Brünnen AG, a subsidiary of Migros Aare (operator of Westside), the new roof even surpasses the required safety standards. According to the waterpark, for the investigating prosecutor the cause of the roof collapse lies primarily in planning and / or assembly faults. The ongoing judicial proceedings will show who has to pay the costs of the year-long operating failure.

During the time Bernaqua was closed, a new attraction was installed at the waterpark. The children’s area has been complemented by the addition of a new pirates’ ship supplied by Aqua Drolics. (eap)

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