23 Nov 2021

USA: This Was IAAPA Expo 2021 in Figures

USA: This Was IAAPA Expo 2021 in Figures

During the past week (16 to 19 Nov 2021) the professionals of the leisure industry came together again at IAAPA Expo in Orlando. The International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) officially states a total 28,229 attendees who informed themselves about the latest trends, technologies and novelties presented at the booths of the 878 exhibitors on the show floor. 21,026 of the attendees were classified as potential buyers. Compared to the last IAAPA trade show event in 2019 with a total of 42,600 attendees, the association registered a sharp decrease in visitor numbers – this is presumably due to the ongoing pandemic situation and the late relaxation of the US entry requirements, which only came into effect at the beginning of November.

“The successful turnout for IAAPA Expo 2021 is a testament to the resilience and continued growth and strength of the global attractions industry. It’s been a phenomenal week, bringing together the innovators who are moving our industry forward and building the future of attractions,” commented Hal McEvoy, President and CEO of IAAPA.

Numerous manufacturers announces new developments and projects during the show week, including Sally Darkrides (cf. EAP news of 16 Nov 2021), RMC (cf. EAP news of 17 Nov 2021), Zamperla (cf. EAP news of 17 Nov 2021), Triotech (cf. EAP news of 17 Nov 2021), Gerstlauer (cf. EAP news of 18 Nov 2021), Mack Rides (cf. EAP news of 18 Nov 2021) Intamin (cf. EAP news of 19 Nov 2021), Technical Park (cf. EAP news of 19 Nov 2021) and many more. In addition, this year's Brass Ring Awards were officially presented during the trade show (cf. EAP news of 19 Nov 2021).

Under the motto of “Caught on the Floor“ we will present you with more novelties from the floor in our upcoming magazine issue 1/2022. (eap)

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