News | 01 Sep 2007

New Plopsa Park in Cooperation With Center Parcs

Plopsa is building a Plopsa Park in the Netherlands in collaboration with Center Parcs. The new theme park will be constructed next to Center Parcs De Huttenheugte (near Coevorden). This will be the first Plopsa Park from Studio 100 in the (...) read more

News | 20 Aug 2007

Scott Ault New BRC COO

Scott Ault was appointed as the new COO (Chief Operating Officer) following the death of the former COO, Jim Warren, who died from cancer at the age of 59. Ault has been working for BRC since 1994 – he was the Vice President and is best known for (...) read more

News | 18 Aug 2007

Moody’s Rating Agency Criticises Private Equity Branch

The private equity branch has had to contend with its repeated characterisation as a plague in the public sphere and has taken note of criticism in a recent study by Moody’s, the world’s leading rating agency. At the heart of the criticism was the (...) read more

News | 15 Aug 2007

SnowWorld: Indoor Ski Slope Operator Plans IPO

According to reports from, SnowWorld is planning to go public on the Amsterdam stock exchange later this year. The company runs two indoor ski slopes in Zoetermeer (near The Hague) and in Landgraaf (near Aachen). The indoor ski (...) read more

News | 14 Aug 2007

Bad Frankenhausen: Fantasy Theme Park “Weltentor”

Bad Frankenhausen: Fantasy Theme Park “Weltentor”Bad Frankenhausen and its surroundings in the state of Thuringia, Germany were the scene of some of the most brutal fighting during the Peasants’ Wars in Thuringia in the mid 19th century. This (...) read more

News | 13 Aug 2007

Austria: "Blue Dome" Unsatisfied

The "Blue Dome", which opened at Lake Wolfgang in mid-2006 (we presented this project to readers in EAP issue 4/2006), has not been able to fulfil its own visitor expectations. Instead of the estimated 100,000 visitors, only 50,000 people came to (...) read more

News | 11 Aug 2007

Nick Farmer New TEA President

Nick Farmer of Farmer Attraction Development, based in Leicester, UK, has recently been elected as the next president of TEA (Themed Entertainment Association). Farmer is the first European president of the organisation based in Burbank, California. (...) read more

News | 10 Aug 2007

Lappset: First SmartUs Facility Opens in Germany

SmartUs is a new technological entertainment/learning concept from the Lappset Group (as previously reported in EAP 6/2005). Dortmund is the first German city to implement this revolutionary playground concept outdoors. SmartUs presents children (...) read more

News | 08 Aug 2007

Majorca: “House of Katmandu” Goes Crazy

As though it had fallen from the sky, Majorca’s wackiest house stands upside down in the centre of Magaluf. The Tibetan style “House of Katmandu” invites visitors to participate in interactive adventures. Here they can listen to stories about the (...) read more

News | 06 Aug 2007

Hanover Adventure Zoo: Off to Mullewapp!

Mullewapp, the character from the children’s books by author and illustrator Helme Heine, has been brought to life in a new children’s play paradise at the Erlebnis Zoo Hannover (Hanover adventure zoo). The attraction is to be opened on the 21st of (...) read more

News | 01 Aug 2007

Landal: New Holiday Park on the Baltic

Holiday makers can look forward to 90 luxury beach-side holiday homes in the Baltic spa town of Travemünde: Landal GreenParks is set to open the Landal Travemünde holiday park on the 3rd of August 2007. (eap)   read more

News | 29 Jul 2007

Today Mine, Tomorrow Yours?

BBC News reports that the private equity firm Blackstone has sold off their property assets of some of its Tussauds theme parks to entrepreneur Nick Laslau. Blackstone acquired the Tussauds Group and merged it with its own Merlin Entertainments (...) read more

News | 24 Jul 2007

Cedar Fair Seeks Buyer?

Last year’s visitor numbers make the Cedar Fair Group the fourth largest operator of Theme- and Waterparks in the world. It was only in June 2006 that Cedar Fair bought Paramount Parks for around 1.2 billion USD (as reported in EAP). The New York (...) read more

News | 01 Jul 2007

Chatham/London: Charles Dickens Inspires New Theme Park

On the 25th of May 2007, “Dickens World” in Chatham, just southeast of London, opened its doors. The theme park is housed in a specially constructed building where the characters from Dickens’ (1812-1870) books and era come to life: The orphan (...) read more