News | 28 Jun 2007

Möser Alp in Fiss (Tyrol) Upgrades With a “Skyswing“

Last year saw the inauguration of the “Fisser Flieger” in the Möser alp, which we covered in detail in issue 5/2006. This summer funpark on a mountain plateau 2,000 metres above sea level is to acquire another attraction in mid-July: Skyswing (...) read more

News | 23 Jun 2007

Bergen/Norway: New Science Centre

  “Vilvite” (literally “want to know”) science centre was opened at the end of May in the Norwegian Hanseatic city of Bergen. It features 75 exhibits housed in a space of 1,700 square metres covering the topics of climate, sea and energy. Visitors (...) read more

News | 18 Jun 2007

Gardaland: 4D Cinema From 3DBA & Kraftwerk

At the start of this year’s season, Italy’s largest theme park opened a new 4D cinema from 3DBA & Kraftwerk Living Technologies. The new attraction is integrated in the Egyptian themed area, beneath Gardaland Theatre that was constructed in 2006. It (...) read more

News | 12 Jun 2007

Play & Leisure “Plays Out” in 2007

Friedrichshafen’s exhibition centre is transferring the two trade fairs “Play & Leisure” and “Camp Ground” to the Stuttgart exhibition centre. Both fairs were to have taken place at Lake Constance in October 2007. “Play & Leisure”, an international (...) read more

News | 10 Jun 2007

Holiday Park: Giving Disadvantaged People a Day of Real Joy!

At the opening of the 33rd “pink weeks” at Holiday Park in Hassloch/Pfalz, patron Roswitha Beck thanked Holiday Park for its many years of voluntary support. Fifteen thousand visitors from children’s homes and disabled peoples’ homes, special (...) read more

News | 30 May 2007

Ulrich Damrau Deceased

The film architect and stage builder of Europa Park, Ulrich Damrau, passed away on the 25th of May at the age of 92. For over 25 years he was not only responsible for the creative realisation of the European theme concept at Europa Park, but was (...) read more

News | 17 May 2007

Hong Kong: Leftovers Punishable

In Hong Kong's restaurants and eateries, the (disciplined and educative) idea of a local gastronome has attracted a great deal of both sympathy and controversy. As recently reported in the “Christian Science Monitor”, diners who take more from the (...) read more

News | 13 May 2007

Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World Theme Park Under Construction

The large “Ferrari World Theme Park” project on Al Yas Island went into the final stages of construction at the end of last year. With an area space of 2.5 million square metres, the island is one of the largest natural islands in the Emirates. The (...) read more

News | 12 May 2007

Pierre & Vacances Buys Belgian Sunparks

  Pierre & Vacances, owner of Center Parcs Europe, is to take over the four three- and four-star holiday parks from the Belgian Sunpark Group. These are two holiday parks on the North Sea, one resort in the Ardennes and one in Campine with a total (...) read more

News | 11 May 2007

Bavaria: Gigantic Investments in Therapeutic Spas

Bavarian therapeutic spas are facing the challenges of the future with investments totalling over 400 million euros. With these investments, the facilities aim to position themselves as modern centres of competence for healthcare and preventative (...) read more

News | 24 Apr 2007

Skihalle Wittenburg

This Easter, the first indoor half pipe to meet international FIS standards was opened at the Snow Funpark in Wittenburg, one of Europe's largest such facilities. The half pipe is 130 metres long, 18 metres wide and has an 18-degree slope. This (...) read more

News | 21 Apr 2007

Gelsenkirchen: Construction Begins on Water Circus

  On the 12th of April things had finally reached the point where the Mayor of Gelsenkirchen, Frank Baranowski, with considerable support from the managing director of the “Gesellschaft für Energie und Wirtschaft GmbH” (company for energy and (...) read more

News | 18 Apr 2007

TURM Erlebniscity, Oranienburg: 2007 Tourism Prize

Brandenburg's Minister for Economic Affairs, Ulrich Junghanns, recently awarded the 2007 state award for tourism. The prize is awarded for creativity in tourism services in Brandenburg. The EWA member company TURM Erlebniscity from Brandenburg was (...) read more

News | 16 Apr 2007

Europa-Park, Rust: A Visit from the CEO of Six Flags Inc.

On the 5th of April, two insiders from the leisure industry came to Europa Park for an informative visit: Mark Shapiro, President and CEO of Six Flag Inc., and the Vice President of the American corporate group Mark Quenzel. Both professionals were (...) read more

News | 14 Apr 2007

Neumarkt/Bavaria: “Tschu-Tschu-Bahnen” Saved

In March it became known that the insolvent H. Sichler Tschu-Tschu Bahnen (choo-choo trains) had been saved from bankruptcy. Operations are to continue without interruption under new ownership. Tschu-Tschu initiated insolvency proceedings at the end (...) read more

News | 13 Apr 2007

New Crime Scam: Animal Theft at Zoos

National Geographic,, recently reported on the theft of animals from zoos. Thieves are mainly interested in the most valuable animals, i.e. those closest to extinction. Once seized, they are usually transported abroad to (...) read more

News | 05 Apr 2007

No more legionellae in swimming pool water treatment

Siemens Industrial Solutions & Services (I&S) is offering a new method of swimming pool water treatment that, unlike conventional systems, completely prevents the formation of legionellae. A combination of flocculation, ozonization, multi-layer (...) read more