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21 Oct 2021Germany: Side-by-Side with “Amber Blake“ – New YULLBE Action Content to Be Launched in Spring 2022

With “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly“, YULLBE – the VR LBE-attraction at Europa-Park – will add one more experience to its content portfolio. The interactive adventure will invite guests, who are at least 16 years old, to go on a hunt for a mysterious villain side-by-side with agent “Amber Blake“. Players will be ...

21 Oct 2021Saudi Arabia Announces New Tourism Destination “THE RIG.” to Be Built on Offshore Platforms

With the tourism destination “THE RIG.”, the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) has announced the next ambitious project within the framework of the state’s “Saudi Vision 2030” development strategy, which aims to diversify the national economy with a focus on the travel and leisure sector, among other markets ...

21 Oct 2021UAE: Ain Dubai – Giant Ferris Wheel Opens Today

The “Ain Dubai“ or “Dubai Eye“ is the new record-breaking Ferris wheel, which starts making its rounds today and lets guests enjoy spectactular view over Dubai. With a height of around 250 metres, the Ain Dubai surpasses the previously highest Ferris wheel in the world, the “Singapore Flyer“ (165 meter) by around ...
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