15 Feb 2018

Germany: Public Services Osnabrück Present Positive Visitor Numbers for 2017

Germany: Public Services Osnabrück Present Positive Visitor Numbers for 2017

Recently, Public Services Osnabrück (G.: Stadtwerke Osnabrück) presented the total number of visitors for its three operations (Nettebad, Moskaubad and Schinkelbad) recorded in 2017, showing a stable result of 1.23 million guests compared to previous years (cf. EAP news from February 20th, 2017). Including the new Nettedrom e-kart track, which was opened back in March 2017 (cf. EAP, 3/17), the total number of visitors could be increased up to 1.27 million guests. According to Christoph Hüls, Chairman of Public Services Osnabrück, this positive results proved the success of the operator’s strategy to continuously invest into new offerings at its operations – in contrast to the general tendency which could currently be seen in the bathing sector.

Thanks to its new “Twist” funnel slide (cf. EAP, 2/17), Nettebad Osnabrück recorded 15,000 guests more than in 2016, reaching a yearly visitor attendance of 744,000 guests. For the Nettedrom e-kart track, Public Services Osnabrück have calculated to welcome some 33,000 racing fans in the first (shortened) year of operation, a number which was surpassed with a total of 44,000 guests. A slight decline in visitor numbers was recorded at the Schinkelbad – in the future, the operator plans to invest in the expansion of its wellness offerings, following a current trend of less classic sports swimming towards relaxation.

The Moskaubad, which features a comprehensive outdoor pool area, was effected by unsettled weather conditions during the past summer, but thanks to its “Jungle Path” outdoor play structure (which was expanded in 2017, cf. EAP news from April 7th, 2017) and several events it could welcome a stable number of visitors. In the future, the Jungle Path could be expanded by an indoor area. (eap)

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