11 Jul 2023

Hypersphere 360° at SeaWorld® Yas Island Abu Dhabi

 Hypersphere 360° at SeaWorld®  Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Photo: Courtesy of Attraktion!

(eap) After SeaWorld® Yas Island Abu Dhabi (UAE), the very first SeaWorld theme park outside the USA with more than 15 rides and attractions, was officially launched in May, this was recently followed by the opening of the “Hypersphere 360° Ride” attraction in the park developed by Miral. This ride, jointly developed by the Austrian company Attraktion! and Intamin Amusement Rides is the patented Dome Ride Theater product (see EAP 1/2022 & EAP 5/2014), which was implemented here for the first time.

In a theater, whose full sphere-shaped construction with a diameter of 17 meters – equipped with 75 million pixel & two times 6K LED technology – serves as a screen, up to 80 guests are seated on floorless seats arranged in a circle. These are in turn mounted on a fully rotating and tilting dynamic platform and equipped with in-seat audio and 4D motion effects for an immersive experience. In this way, all guests have an unobstructed, unique view of the action on the giant cinema screen for an impressing underwater adventure. Guests with a minimum height of 1.20 meters (maximum 1.95 meters) can enjoy the 360-degree multimedia experience. ■

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