18 Oct 2023

Rasti-Land: New Roller Coaster “Verrücktwärts“ Starts Into Soft Opening

Rasti-Land: New Roller Coaster “Verrücktwärts“ Starts Into Soft Opening

Photo: Courtesy of Rasti-Land

(eap) The Rasti-Land amusement park in Salzhemmendorf, Germany, has several reasons to celebrate this year. Just recently, the amusement park celebrated its 50th anniversary. Today, the new family roller coaster “Verrücktwärts” starts into a soft opening phase. The new ride is a Family Boomerang Coaster from SBF Visa with a farm theme.

The train, the front car of which is designed as a tractor, is first pulled up a lift hill. Once the coaster reaches the highest point, it rings out and rushes forward along the track. At the end of the track, the train climbs up a second lift hill and runs the distance that was previously travelled forwards backwards now. The ride offers a capacity for up to 14 passengers in seven cars, each with two seats. The train reaches a maximum speed of up to 60 km/h on a track length of 170 meters.

The complete theming of the area and the official opening of the attraction are scheduled to follow in the coming 2024 season. In addition, Kids Dinoworld, the related indoor amusement park located next to Rasti-Land, will reopen its doors to visitors on November 2 after a Corona-related break and construction works. ■

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